Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Can't Talk Draft Without the Busts

by: Michael Steffes

What would be the week leading up to the draft with out talk of the all time draft busts right?

Thanks to the reader who sent this to me. CNNSI.COM, has done a picture summary of their all time draft busts. Here is the link. Who is that you see at number 1? It is the Boz, with his flattop in full glory. Also, Rick Mirer is checking in at #2. Personally, I think this is misinformed. To see why....

The Boz...

Brian Bosworth was selected #1 in the 1987 Supplemental Draft. This happens later in the year and covers players who were not eligible for the draft in April. There are several reasons that I have a hard time labeling this a bust. First, he was not a reach. He was easily the best linebacker in the country in the years previous. If the Seahawks hadn't taken him at #1 he would have gone at #2. Second, the Boz wasn't all that bad. He even made the all rookie team that year, despite being run over by Bo Jackson. His main problems were injuries. The questions that surrounded Boz were mostly the extra circular stuff. He was a trash talking, Hollywood type personality. While that maybe left people feeling he was less than prepared week in and week out, one thing that it did do was put the Seahawks on the map. At that time, the Seahawks had slowly faded back into obscurity since the early 80's success and if Boz did one thing exceptionally well, he drew attention to the Hawks. There is a saying that no press is bad press, and considering how hard it is for the Hawks to get noticed when successful, we should appreciate how effectively Bosworth drew the national spotlight on the great Northwest.

Rick Mirer...

Well, no questions asked Rick Mirer was a bust. He had a good rookie season and then slowly declined. But is hard for me to consider him a bust when you look at what the Seahawks acquired in shipping him out. The Seahawks received a first round pick in a trade for Mirer from the Bears. It was the #11 pick in the draft. The Seahawks used this pick to move up further and got both Shaun Springs and Walter Jones that year. Rick Mirer in anyway contributing to the acquisition of the franchise cornerstone Big Walt negates his status as a bust in my mind.

Who is the biggest draft bust in Seahawks history? It has to be QB Dan McGwire. Especially when you consider that Knox wanted to draft Brett Favre, and ownership overstepped their bounds and forced the pick. Ouch!