Thursday, April 10, 2008

Draft Grades of Yesteryear

by: Michael Steffes

Several weeks ago, some of the readers were looking for a service who grades drafts of several years ago. Well....looksy here. Maybe ESPN guys read the site(doubt it!). Regardless, they have just graded the 2005 draft! Guess who got the highest grade in the class! Our GM is such a teachers pet! I realize now that this is requires an Insider subscription. The grades go....

Sea...A- Wish I could help more, but cutting and pasting "pay for material" is a no no

Also, Scouts Inc, has done a redraft of the 2005 draft. Guess who slipped into the top 10. You can only wonder what would have been, had Gregg Williams had 51 in the middle. However, I wouldn't cry too many tears about the pick the Hawks made in the re-draft! END