Thursday, April 10, 2008

NFLN Editorial

by: Strategerie

A response to the NFL Network’s “State of the Franchise” feature

Dear NFL Network:

There were many questionable “facts” in your featured report on the Seahawks, but one stuck out for me. It was outright erroneous, and I wonder to myself who does your research, or if you bother with it at all. After all, it’s just the Seahawks, isn’t it? Who cares about them?

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Your reporter (Rod Woodson) stated that Patrick Kerney and Darryl Tapp are “undersized” defensive ends. I spent about five minutes doing research this afternoon, and I can unequivocally prove that you are wrong. You might also want to alert the rest of the league that they’re sending “undersized” DE’s out onto the field. It would be nice if you’d admit your bias against the Seahawks, but it will happen right about the time we’re building snowmen in Hell, won’t it?

Here’s my research: Read and learn. Here is a comparison of 10 teams, all who work from a base 4-3 defense. The sample includes teams from the lowly Falcons, to the middling Panthers, to the last two Superbowl Champs. While the Seahawks' defensive ends do not top the list in size, it is unfair to proclaim them undersized by any means. Our defense is fast and lethal to opponents’ passing games, and we like it that way. Do I need to remind you clowns that up till the last game vs Atlanta, we boasted the second lowest points scored against us in the NFL last season? Also until the final game, our undersized defensive end Patrick Kerney was leading the league in sacks. Without further ado, I present my findings.

Green Bay

Kampman 6’4”, 265
Jenkins 6’2, 303
Gbaja-Biamila 6’4”, 247


Anderson 6’4, 265
Bazuin 6’3”, 260
Brown 6’3”, 260


Strahan 6’5, 255
Tollefson 6’4, 255
Tuck 6’5, 274
Umenyiora 6’3, 261


Dawson 6’3, 264
Freeney 6’1, 268
Mathis 6’2, 245


Anderson 6’6, 283
Abraham 6’4, 266
Mallard 6’2, 275


C. Johnson 6’2,270
J. Peppers 6’7,283
McGlover 6’2, 263

Tampa Bay

Adams 6’5, 258
G. Spires 6’1, 265
K. Carter (dt/de) 6’6, 300


L. Little 6’3, 265
J. Hall ` 6,2, 280

T. Johnson 6’4, 270


A Carter 6’4, 252
P. Daniels 6’4, 276
C. Wilson 6,4, 246


Kerney 6’5, 272
Tapp 6’1, 270

Babin 6’3, 267
Atkins 6’4,268

I’ll be here all day if you’d like to issue a retraction... Don't worry, I won't hold my breath.

When Strategerie isn’t watching football, thinking about football, or talking about her beloved Seahawks, she’s a romance author. She also has her own blog, The Little Pink Clubhouse.