Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Editors Note

by: Michael Steffes

I am sorry some of you feel that the comment moderation is ruining the site, or goes against the 1st amendment. However, the reason it has been enacted, is because one of the reasons that I started this site was that often comments sections on other blogs became unreadable due to the childish bickering, personal attacks, and constant insults back and forth.

I am all for free speech. I wish that I could leave the comments on without moderation. However, I do want this site to become a place for the type of conversation that was going on earlier. Since I have other activities going on besides manning the blog, this was my only choice, for now. This a place to talk Seahawks, not to call each other vile names.

I think it is sad that on a Seahawks Blog we can't all respect each other, as we are all fans of the same team. I think in the end, it hurts the site more to let this type of behavior persist, as I will no longer be interested in operating a blog where good discussion disappears in favor of personal bickering and insults.

Again I am sorry for the trouble, I hope you will understand my point of view and accept the current situation until something else can be worked out. If you really feel that this is too much for you to bare, well than I appreciate all of the insight you brought to the blog while you were here. I do hope that you will continue to read, my goal is not to control what people say, only to keep it from being insulting, vulgar or offensive. Thank you.