Thursday, April 3, 2008

Hawks At USC Pro Day Too

by: Michael Steffes

In the name of milking every thing I can out of my experience on the USC campus yesterday, I thought I would pass this tidbit along. The Hawks VP of Player Personal, Ruston Webster was there. This is according tho this ProfootballWeekly report. That would probably explain why no one was wearing excessive Hawks gear like some of the other teams scouts.

If you saw in the Answers to Questions posts, I thought I saw someone in a Hawks polo shirt talking to all the linemen. This report probably means I was right. It says that the Hawks were there looking at Sam Baker and the other linemen. However, I am sure they took note of Chauncey Washington and Fred Davis as well.

And for the record, Profootballweekly wasn't very impressed with Davis either saying this....

Trojans TE Fred Davis, who chose not run at the Combine, also did not impress at the pro day, clocking in the mid-4.7s. "He's not very flexible," one evaluator said. "He's not a first-round talent by any stretch of the imagination. I was disappointed with his Combine and pro-day workout. (Rams and ex-USC TE) Dominique Byrd was much more flexible, much more athletic and had much better hands. His problem was that he was not committed to the game. (Davis) is not much different in that regard."