Thursday, April 3, 2008

Names to Boot

by: Michael Steffes

Well one thing about the upcoming draft is clear, the Hawks are looking at Kickers. This article from The Daily Tar Heel and Gabe Hiatt says that the Hawks had a private workout with UNC kicker Conner Barth.

Barth is said to have plenty of leg for both field goals and kickoffs. He is quite accurate and the all so important clutch. However, he has a tendency to have longer attempts blocked. But you can read all that and see his sweet hair style all by clicking on his name and checking out his NFL DRAFT COUNTDOWN profile.

He joins Taylor Mehlhaff, Brandon Coutu, and Steven Hauschka as kicker the Hawks have been linked too. My guess is there will even be a few more before all is said and done.

Thanks to War Hawk for getting the scoop on this one! Good Work!END