Monday, April 14, 2008

NFL.COM Video Mock Draft

by: Michael Steffes

Over the weekend, NFL Network, posted the video for the Seahawks draft pick for their video mock draft. Seriously though, how many mocks do they have over there? Thanks to those who sent me the link.

Anyway, for this one, they have storied beat reporter from the PI, Clare Farnsworth making the pick. Here is the video. Unfortunately, there is no comprehensive list of who was picked, that I could find and I wasn't in the mood to watch 25 NFLN video clips this morning. Either way, this is a solid pick by Clare and a distinct possibility for the Hawks.

Also, if you missed my earlier mention. I am participating in a similar type mock draft for MVN. No video, unfortunately, but you can thank me later for that. Anyway, if you want to follow the draft, being done by the writers on that site for each team, here is the link. Don't expect me to be on the clock till mid-week at best. END