Friday, April 18, 2008

Ocho Stinko?

by: Michael Steffes

I have gotten numerous emails over the last several months, asking about Chad Johnson. The first round inspired my April Fools Joke, but they have continued. I realize that by posting this I am asking for a discussion about trading for Chad Johnson, which i have strongly resisted, but everybody wants to know if the Hawks might be interested. One word: NO!

However, I thought I would make this into a post, because Danny O'Neil must be getting the same requests. He has a post up that pretty much says it all.

I would even add this. Yes he is not a criminal, but is that all we ask from a player, that he not commit felonies? How about living up to his end of the bargin. He got a contract that makes him the 3rd highest paid wideout, but he needs to be the highest paid. What happens when someone signs a deal bigger than his? Does he do this all over again?

Also, many of you will say winning will cure his ails, but I would like to point out that with the Bengals ahead 17-14 in their only playoff game, Johnson is accused of trying to hit his head coach and o coordinator. Regardless of the details, all parties agree there was a scuffle of some sort. They were in the playoffs and winning, and Chad was so unhappy he wanted to fight the coach. There isn't player in the world, in my opinion, who is worth that hassle. It fractured the team, and they have never recovered. END