Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Preparation Time is Key

by: Michael Steffes

After taking some time (eating lunch and relaxing), I have had a chance to review the entire schedule with my eye on how it affects the Seahawks.

The one thing have noticed is the role preparation times will play in this years performance. In fact, in most cases it benefits the Seahawks.

First, the Hawks have the bye week before one of their tougher opponents, the NY Giants. Unfortunately the Giants have a bye the week before too, but this is the only team coming off a bye the Hawks face. Those can always be tough games, and in this case it is an even playing field.

Second, the Hawks will have 10 days to prepare for the New England Patriots. This will be important, especially with the bye week so early. The reason they have this break is because they play on Thanksgiving, which is probably the quickest turnaround out there. However, as motivation, expect Holmgren to hold the carrot of a Friday through Wednesday off if they win. Then a well rested team will be greeted with a playoff like atmosphere when the lights come on that following Sunday.

Third, in one of the most important divisional games, the first game against Arizona, the Cardinals are coming off a short week. To compound the issue, they have to travel to Qwest. They play the 49ers in another important divisional match -up on Monday night the week before. This is the only Monday night game that features any teams from the NFC West. While it appears the Cardinals and 49ers get the hype again, in reality it sets the Cards up to be put behind the eight ball, facing the defending champs, in Seattle, on short rest.

I will be back on later, to break the season down in quarters and give you my predictions. END