Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Scheduling Notes

by: Michael Steffes

Here are just some of the important things that stand out to me at first glance....

  • Four 10 am PST games. The last of which is at the Rams in week 15. Opening week is a 10 am game as well, so with a good while to prepare, it may not effect them as much.
  • No really bad weather games. Buffalo is week 1, Miami is in Nov. Rams and Cardinals are the late road games, so the weather won't be an issue
  • Early Divisional Home Games.... If the Hawks come out of the gate strong, they could put some space between themselves and their divisional competitors. This will be huge, because the Hawks have a difficult stretch through the middle of the schedule.
  • Hawks have an early bye. To me this means they are going to have to bear down and get a playoff bye. Heading into the Giants game after the week 4 bye at 3-0 would be a big deal. Focus Hawks!