Sunday, April 20, 2008

Seahawks Afternoon One-Liners

by: Michael Steffes

Look-see here, I thought I would borrow a favorite format of and do an afternoon one liners. I also wanted to use this as a chance to say that I encourage all readers to check out as many sources for information as you can. The more informed you are the better the discussions around here will be, right?

--Jerry Brewer says Tim Ruskell better have his A game with him come Saturday.

--Danny O'Neil warns other GM's they better have their phones ready.

--Dave Boiling talks about Tim Ruskell's plan, and why it works.

--Frank Hughes has taken his shot at the wild world of mock drafts.

--Scott Johnson talks about how intangibles are important to the Hawks.

--John Morgan at Field Gulls has a good look at some D-Tackle prospects in a round by round format.