Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Shockey... Fabricated Interest?

by: Michael Steffes

Frank Hughes has a post similar to my earlier post linking to New York Daily News story about the Seahawks interest in Jeremy Shockey.

He has added an update saying their is no legitimacy to the rumor. I have two thoughts on this.

1) it would not be at all surprising to see the New York media sensationalize things. Also, if the Giants are leaking this to their beat reporters, they could be trying to up the ante for New Orleans, the team that has been linked to Shockey for a month or so.

2) With the draft upcoming, it would also not be surprising that if the Seahawks were chasing him that they would deny interest. They have no reason to tip anyone off to their feelings about the tight end class, or what they may do with their second. They also may be kicking the idea around contingently. Maybe they would be interested if #25 comes up and the team can't trade down and the TE they like isn't likely to be available at #55. It could be they are targeting a specific tight end and if that doesn't work out then the rumor becomes truth. Dig it?

For those of you thinking of possible scenarios, consider this. Switching spots in the first and giving away the second round pick doesn't even add up to the value NO's second round pick. However it could be worth it to the Giants if they are targeting someone like Kenny Phillips who may have several suitors in front of NY. Jacksonville and San Diego are likely to be interested. END