Thursday, April 10, 2008

Trevor Laws Picking Up Steam

by: Michael Steffes

It really was only a matter of time before we saw this. And personally I had given up on posting links to any mock drafts because they all seemed pretty useless. However, Scout Networks, Chris Stuber, the same guy who wrote the article I linked to on defensive players has updated his first round mock. Who does he have the Hawks picking..... Trevor Laws.

I must say, I am working on my weekly mock draft that I promised to deliever every Friday until the draft, and in the end, I just didn't feel right with the Hawks taking Laws. I love him as a player, I think he is a perfect fit for the Hawks, and maybe it is only because I know that guessing a Ruskell pick would compare to winning a futures bet on the Giants last year. If it seems too obvious it usually is. Plus, his value is so hard to judge right now. Anyway, check out this mock and get ready for mine, which I will probably rearrange for the 19th time later tonight. END