Thursday, April 10, 2008

Schedule Due Soon

by: Michael Steffes

According to PFT blog master Mike Florio, who has been in contact with league officials, the schedule is due out next week. That would be music to my ears. The only team related info that trickles out during this dead time between free agency and the draft is who the teams choose to bring in for visits.

Since we have already spent noticeable space challenging the league and their operations, I will go easy on them on this. However, can you think of a better way to keep fans interested and talking this time of year, than to release the schedule. It was scheduled to be out last week. I am sure it is a challenge to make everything work, however, I have to believe that it is less cumbersome than MLB, or the NBA. Fewer games should make for easier scheduling. Anyway, I hope it comes out next week. Talking about the games the team will play, is better than this tedious wait for Saturday the 26th to arrive. END