Friday, April 18, 2008

All Time Draft Steals

by: Michael Steffes

You all may have noticed that ESPN is having some fun with lists again. This time looking at the draft. Yesterday, they covered all time draft busts. I was going to put it into a post, but I saw that Clare at the PI did a better job than I could have ever hoped to. Here it is.

Now, they are looking at all time draft steals. No surprise, but when the Greatest Seahawks of all time, at least according to DKSB and his brackets, happens to have been picked 117 over all out of Tulsa, he makes the # 3. Also checking in at #28 is the Bald Bomber, Matt Hasselbeck, picked in the 6th round by the Green Bay Packers.

Ahman Green was the only pick actually made by the Hawks. He is listed at #40. Of course, because of a few fumbles, Holmgren shipped him out for a CB who never performed up to par for the Hawks.END