Friday, April 18, 2008

Superstars in the Sixth?

by: Michael Steffes

The Seahawk Addicts look at where the current Seahawks were drafted continues on. Today, we have reached the sixth round. The sixth round has been good to the Seahawks. Not necessarily in their own picks, but they traded for a notorious sixth rounder who happens to have worked his way into the Pro Bowl, and into the hearts of Seahawks fans. Don't know who I am talking about? Well.....


The first thing that one notices about the sixth round is the impressive amount of defensive line players. Most of these guys are providing quality depth. Chris Cooper is a versatile guy who broke camp with the Hawks before. Howard Green was having trouble sticking with a team, but he seemed to give the Hawks quality reps last year when injuries struck. Jonathan Lewis has bounced around a bit and will be trying to make a good impression in August.

The best of this group is Craig Terrill. Recently signed to an extension, Terrill is a damn fine player and a heck of a musician. He will have trouble if he is ever asked to play a full complement of snaps, but as a situational guy he does quite well. Not to mention, he can fill in for the national anthem singer in a pinch. Now that is what I call versatility.

Can you "Catch On"

Also in the sixth is a nice complement of pass catchers. Jordan Kent was taken last year in the final pick of the sixth. I covered him yesterday. Oops! Courtney Taylor was another pick from the sixth last year. He will looked at as a potential third receiver this year. He showed tremendous athleticsm last year in limited opportunites, almost making a circus catch against the Rams, I think. The front office likes him, and hopefully after this year, so will the fans. To me he seems like a bigger version of Bobby Engram. Let's hope his hands are as good too. Finally, the new TE Jeb Putzier was a sixth. So far he has had the most production out of these pass catchers. However, he disappeared in Houston. This will be the year he proves whether he is a starting type tight end, or just another sixth round pick who is only worth the veteran min.

Brady and Hass?

Arguably the two most famous 6th rounders in recent memory. One has Superbowls and supermodels, and one has no hair and a great sense of humor. He also happens to be the best QB in Seahawks history, I would say. He has now gone to three pro bowls and taken the team to the Superbowl. He keeps getting better and better, at passing and commercials. You could make the argument that Hass is the Seahawks best player and he is sixth rounder. While it took him a while to get where he is, it was worth the wait. Now lets just hope he gives us a Brett Favre esque career twilight .