Friday, April 11, 2008

SA Mock Draft #2 (2 Rounds)

by: Michael Steffes

Let me first start out by saying how hard this was to do. At least when you attempt to put a lot of thought into it, and use resources to guide the picks, especially once I got into the second round. If you change one pick in the first, it inevitably changes 5-8 picks in the second. It becomes a lot to alter if you change your mind on picks every time you look at it, which is me to a nutshell.

Regardless, I have for you the Seahawk Addicts, version 2, two round mock draft. Version 3, the three rounder, will be out next Friday. I may even attempt to add a fourth round for the Friday night before draft day, we will see.

Now I already know many of you are going to be upset by my picks, Seahawk Scoring Contest Guy for sure. However, I went with my gut, at least as to the positions. I really wanted to go with both the ND guys, who I like, but in the end neither felt right. I know John Morgan at Field Gulls loves both those guys, but I am just not sure Ruskell would, especially after seeing how that team performed against fairly average competition last year. You will also notice, the end of round one changed quite a bit. I think I managed to highlight changes in Yellow.

As I said last time, if you don't like a pick, I am totally cool with that. If you leave a solid analysis why, and who the team should take, well then you may influence my next mock draft. Sorry again SSCG, hope you enjoy most of the picks!