Sunday, February 24, 2008

Mike Wahle's Bonus

Hello, I have this info I wanted to pass along. I was going to include it in a post once i got Locklear's final numbers, but that may be a couple of days away.

Mike Wahle's signing bonus was only 3.5 million. He also has roster bonuses of 100k in 09' and 10'. The total contract is 5 years 20 million. The first year cap hit is only 2.7 million. Before Locks deal, this leaves the Hawks with more than 12 million in cap space. This info came from someone with access to the NFLPA database.

I said it at the time, had it been a big bonus, his agent would have bragged about it. To be honest, even i didn't expect it to be this low. I thought the contact would reach 25 million. Hawk fans will take it. Lets hope he can still play. Now we can keep our fingers crossed that one or two guys get signed before Friday.