Thursday, February 28, 2008

What to Look For Today

Well, by 1pm today, Leonard Weaver will be tendered a contract. My speculation has been that it will be the 2nd round tender. It is worth that to avoid having another hole to fill. Plus, the screen game really seemed to excel once Weaver was in the backfield more often

Also, cuts. You may have noticed that teams are cleaning up there obligations the last few days. All teams must be under the cap by the time free agency starts. That won't be a problem for the Hawks, but if they want to throw some money around, they may have to free some up. Possibilities include Ashworth, Mike Green, and Jason Babin.

Is Alge Crumpler in town? Is he negotiating with Tennessee?

Finally, at 9pm PST, free agency starts. The Hawks probably won't be sending the jet out tonight, and maybe not even this weekend. However this site will track it all and tell you how signings around the league relate to the Hawks. It is gonna finally be a day with a lot of news!