Sunday, February 24, 2008

Hackett Wants to be a Hawk

According to Adam Kaplan,Sirius NFL Radio peronality, in an interview he did with Doug Farrar or and Football Outsiders, DJ Hackett's preference is to remain with the Hawks. His requirements for any team to sign him are that they are a winning organization and stability at quarterback. The Hawks would like him back too, they are just short on cap space and thus weary of overpaying a guy like Hack, who may, or may not, get a huge offer. Kaplan says that once the market is established, if the Hawks come within 10% of his best offer, there is a good chance he will return.

Clearly Hackett could be a Pro Bowler if he ever played a full season. Last year he actually had a serious injury. It is the years past that would worry me, when it seemed as if minor injuries took him out for substantial amounts of time. Also, no one will ever accuse DJ of being a quick healer. Lets see what he market bares.