Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Some of you by now have noticed the new look to the site. Not only did i add a left hand sidebar in the last week, but i have littered the site with two types of advertising. If you're lucky you might even see Hass pop up in some of the adds.

The rotating adds are Google Ads, you will see these tied in at the bottom of the posts. By visiting a couple of these sponsors on a daily basis to see what they are offering, you do a great service to your hard working blogger because this brings funds to the site. The more the better, but REALLY check out what the sponsors are offering, don't just click back and forth, PLEASE.

Some of the other adds, such as Fathead, Travelocity, and The Fans Edge, I secured as affiliates. These helpthe site if you purchase from these sponsors. So if your gonna buy a plane ticket to say....go to the draft, or you just can't wait any longer to get that Shaun Alexander Fathead (might want to go with Largent instead!). Or you are like me and you are going to buy the first round picks jersey an hour after he is picked at Fans Edge, then enter those sites by clicking on the adds. That way, I will be able to afford to give you guys Jersey's, Tickets, and Other fun prizes in contests through the season.