Sunday, February 24, 2008

Live Blog Day 4

Come find out who is going to be in the Seahawks backfield for the next 10 years. RB, WR, and QB's workout. Fatigue is starting to set in, but I am back. You the reader need to bring it today! To enter the live blog click on ....

UPDATE--- I have Included the Official NFL Combine 40 Times for Today above the live blog. These are the top ten RB, WR, and QB times. Check it out by clicking.....



Chris Johnson, East Carolina: 4.24 seconds
Darren McFadden, Arkansas: 4.33 seconds
Anthony Alridge, Houston: 4.33 seconds
Jamaal Charles, Texas: 4.36 seconds
Chad Simpson, Morgan State: 4.42 seconds
Rashard Mendenhall, Illinois: 4.45 seconds
Matt Forte, Tulane: 4.46 seconds
Felix Jones, Arkansas: 4.47 seconds
Jalen Parmele, Toledo: 4.47 seconds
Jonathan Stewart, Oregon: 4.48 seconds


DeSean Jackson, California: 4.35 seconds
Andre Caldwell, Florida: 4.37 seconds
Will Franklin, Missouri: 4.37 seconds
Dexter Jackson, Appalachian State: 4.37 seconds
Eddie Royal, Virginia Tech: 4.39 seconds
Devin Thomas, Michigan State: 4.40 seconds
Arman Shields, Richmond: 4.44 seconds
Brandon Breazell, UCLA; 4.47 seconds
Earl Bennett, Vanderbilt: 4.48 seconds
Pierre Garcon, Mt. Union: 4.48 seconds


Josh Johnson, San Diego: 4.55 seconds
Kevin O’Connell, San Diego State: 4.61 seconds
Bernard Morris, Marshall: 4.68 seconds
Adam Tafralis, San Jose State: 4.78 seconds
Matt Flynn, LSU: 4.79 seconds
John David Booty, USC: 4.82 seconds
Brian Brohm, Louisville: 4.83 seconds
Kyle Wright, Miami (Fla.) 4.85 seconds