Saturday, February 23, 2008

Pat Sims, DT, Auburn

Word is the Seahawks have already talked to him (from Doug Farrar, Seattlite Football Outsiders writer). The DT's just checked in today. Tim Ruskell is a big believer in the Auburn football program, see Obamanu-Taylor-Herring. The real question is where is Sims going to go? Late first probably. If he tests well, maybe before the Hawks pick. He did leave the team at one point for personal issues, so that is something he probably needed to clarify.

UPDATE-- Sims was measured in at 6'1'', 310 lbs

I am hoping to have a comprehensive list of who the Hawks have interviewed by tonight. For those of you who don't know, each team is allowed to interview 30 players. Each interview lasts 15 minutes. Last night was the first big night of interveiws, so who talked to who should be leaking out this afternoon. We'll see. There was word the Seahawks talked to several TE's already as well, Stevens and Carlson for sure. They also have interviewed Anthony Collins, a tackle from Kansas.