Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Kevin Bentley Not Interested in Backup Role

According to Frank Hughes at the TNT, Bentley wants to see whats out there. This is kind of surprising to me, honestly. It is not like he as ever shown that he is a definite starter for someone. He is obviously a nice piece for a team, but I doubt anyone is willing to take a chance on him as a starting MLB. At least not a team that hopes to contend. It is too risky.

I for one will hold out hope that he comes back. Pork Chop did this last year and then came back for a 1yr deal. Bentley may find the same type of thing. Nothing I have seen looking at free agency even mentions his name. If he leaves, you can add LB to the Hawks list of draft day options. Which isn't a terrible idea anyway, JP is getttin' on in age and will have to be replaced sometime.