Friday, February 29, 2008

Quick Look At Kickers

Now that it seems like a certainty that Josh Brown will be kicking somewhere else next year. I thought I would do a quick rundown of what is available.

Really, the only free agent worth mentioning is Jason Elam. Definitely an outdoor kicker, he has been in Denver for the last decade. He is 38, and his leg strength isn't what it used to be, however, he hit several game winners last year, ala Josh Brown like. It may be time for him to move on, he has been a Bronco for ever.

In the draft. Here are NFL DRAFT SCOUTS top rated kickers....

Art Carmody, Lou
Taylor Mahlhoff, Wis
Alexis Serna, Oregon St.
Shane Longest, St. Xavier

Others include.... Brandon Coutu, GA--Jeremy Ito, Rutgers--Piotr Czech, Wagner--Conner Barth, UNC--John Sullivan, New Mexico-- and one other K that fans seem to like is Garrett Hartley of Oklahoma. He has a huge leg, but is ranked a little lower.