Thursday, February 28, 2008

Anybody Need a Haircut?

Well better get a Barber. Uh oh! Let the time of rumor and specutlation begin. The first part of this rumor is that the Boys are only putting the first round tender on Marion Barber. That means a team who signs him to a deal has to give up a fisrt round pick to Dallas. Then, this blog post from from the Dallas Morning News goes on to speculate that the Hawks may be involved. If you are drooling on your keyboard....

A possible suitor? Take a look at Seattle. Shaun Alexander could be cut, Mike Holmgren's going into his final year, and the Seahawks have a history of using poison pills to pursue restricted free agents (i.e. Nate Burleson.)

The first- and third-round pricetag might be prohibitive. The first-round tender might not be. The Seahawks are slotted 25th in the first round. Some think they'd take a running back, like Oregon's Jonathan Stewart, in that spot. Considering that, signing Barber and forking over the 25th pick wouldn't seem crazy.

At first, this seems silly to me. Why give up or 1st pick and a huge deal? However I must say, last year, watching Shaun made me dream of back like Barber. He truly is the anti Shaun. This is as tough a cookie as you can find. I think that a backfield of Barber and Weaver would bring the hardhats back in vogue at Qwest field.

So tell me what you think? Why take a chance that one of the rookie backs (Stewart or Mendenhall) falls? Just go get that position sewed up. I have to admit, from what I have read about Solari, he dreams of backs like this at night, but who knows, at this time of year, its all rumor.