Thursday, February 28, 2008

Tampa Bay is on Niko

In a surprise move, the Tampa Bay Bucs have focused on Niko Koutovides.

They are looking at him in a backup role. Unfortunately, the Hawks can't pay nearly as much for back ups as the Bucs can right now. That said, Niko, primarily a middle linebacker, has little chance of seeing regular duty for the Hawks due to the presence of Lofa Tatupu.

--Right now, it would seem the Skins are focused on Todd Collins, so Hackett may be over their heads as well.

--Also Kwamme Harris has agreed with the Raiders. The Niners have already lost two linemen so far. Now it will be a race to see who can dislocate body parts of Alex Smith. I hope we play them in week 2! UPDATE--11:10, this is not confirmed and other suitors have entered, however it appears Harris won't be in SF either way.