Friday, February 29, 2008

Crumpler Unlikely?

Frank Hughes of the TNT says in his daily story that despite Crumpler being in town....

Ruskell made it seem unlikely the Seahawks would sign Crumpler, who has had conversations with six or seven teams.

“We really like what we see in the draft (with tight ends), we really do,” Ruskell said. “But we want to be fair and turn over every rock.”

Either this means that they will sign him for sure, or they thought that giving Alge a free trip to see his brother was just the right thing to do. I mean why not fly 3000 miles, we can say hi, but sorry we don't have any money. For more thoughts on the cap situation and free agency.....

Really, that is why I posted this. The same article says that Chris Gray might retire. Ok. Don't you want to find out. He counts 1.7 against the cap this year. Might be nice to have right now. Also, how about Jason Babin. He counts just under a million. He didn't play a down last year and we all know you were looking at DE's, at least one, at the combine. Is he really in the plans? In fact, they should just bring back Wyms, who can play in the rotation at end and tackle. Give him Babin's money right now.

Tim, Seahawk fans love winning. You have done that well. But this just looks bad. We are going to go into next year with a line coach, a new guard, and some draft picks. There needs to be some sort of spark in this offense next year. Make some room and try and do something to help this offense. Especially if you are going to use a pick on DT, which is probably needed.

If you put your eggs in the Alexander revival basket, thats fine, but if I doesn't work out, I am gonna wish we just took that extra 4 million in cap room when he is sitting on IR... or the turf after failing on another 3rd and 2. I understand that winning the offseason isn't how you win the divison, else AZ or SF would be perrenial champs. However, this "Marcus's money is tying us up" routine is already wearing on me.