Friday, February 29, 2008


I just wanted to send out a special thanks to all the loyal readers and all those new readers who have begun checking out the site. In the day leading up to free agency, annihilated all previous traffic records. We had 1162 unique visitors, 3072 his, and an unbelievable 9,739 pageviews. Not so bad, considering we haven't reached our month anniversary yet. I hope we can break them all again today.

Also, thank you all who submitted entry in the NFL Draft Gear Contest. I must have picked a good contract to guess, because we have contract amounts from 3.25 mil all the way to 43 million. No one can seem to agree on what will happen with Hack. I have to hand it to my readers though, a bunch of you picked the Hawks. That kicks butt. I love the optimism. That is the energy I hope continues to flourish here. I refuse to admit that dark days of Hawk football are upon us again. I think this is, and will be, one of the premier franchises in pro sports for years to come. I only hope the blog does as well.

Thanks again everybody. I will be working hard all weekend to make sure Free Agent Hawks rumors and news break here first. Stay tuned.

UPDATED-- SURFHAWK, asked if I could post all the entries for the Hackett Contest. I tried to do it last night, but i was tired and it was tedious. However, I have done it now, so if you interested.....