Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Marcus Trufant Gets Tagged

According to Adam Scheffter at the NFL Network, Marcus Trufant has been tagged. This costs the team 9.5 mil against the cap if they are unable to work out a long term deal.

This obviously shows that the team believes reaching a long term agreement before tomorrow afternoon would be difficult. It could also mean that they are willing to let Josh Brown and Sean Locklear test the market. Overall this is a good sign, the defense remains intact from last year.

This is also being confirmed by and (3:31pm)

UPDATE--(3:20) Currently this leaves the Hawks with a little over 110 million against the cap. And that doesn't include Wahle's bonus amount. At best it is less than 6 million of cap space. Hawk fans can expect some roster tinkering this week in an effort to gain some cap flexibility. At some point they will also receive a cap credit for last year too.