Thursday, February 28, 2008

It's On!!!!!!! Let the Madness begin!

I thought I would just start a thread to help cover any craziness thats happens in the next couple hours. If something warrants its own post I will give it on, else keep checking this thread, I will add new updates as they happen.

--Seems like there is going to be more trading than ever this year. Newest rumor is that the Saints asked the Giants about Jeremy Shockey

-Wow, all the Jets could get for Vilma was an 09' conditional pick. His knee must be FUBAR

-Adam Caplan is reporting that the 49ers are in on Faneca. Seems right. They need someone to keep Rocky from Sugarbearin' Smith again!

-The St Pete times has it on good authority that Samuel is an Eagle. Andy Reid better not pay out that large rear of his.

-That same article says the Hawks may make a final attempt to sign Hackett. This is consistent with what we posted before about getting a chance to come close to market value.

-At least one owner is getting his private jet fired up and burning fuel. Maybe he should have sent a boat, ha ha.

Mike Florio of suggests that teams may have been instructed not to announce deals for at least 60 minutes. The league needs to stop treating its fans like children. We get it, tampering happens. So What!

For more free agency rumors and signings......

-Thankfully, barring an upset the Jets will get Faneca. Better than the NFC West, even though we do play them next year. I hope he has 8 false starts at Qwest next year. 1 for each million he'll be making!

-This is just my own wild speculation and guess, but I think that Derek Anderson ends up in Atlanta for their two seconds. Else, why wouldn't Cleveland just take a tackle with their 2nd and pay him nothing. It makes no sense to get rid of your only 1st day pick for a DT, especially after an average one broke the bank today.

-Justin Smiley has agreed with the Dolphins. Rumor was this was happening and now it is done. ummmmmmm one more year of Larry Allen. Me likey!

-Smiley's deal is 5yrs for 25 mil with a 9 mil signing bonus. I like Wahle's deal more and more every day.

-The Panthers have DL Tyler Brayton coming in for a visit. I speak for Hawk fans worldwide when I say, thank him for helping Jerramy Stevens see the errors in his ways. is reporting Samuel will visit the Eagles tomorrow (or just wait until then to announce the deal)

-Jerry Porter is also visiting Jacksonville too (same article)

-Reinfeldt says he is ready to take a look at bringing back the freak!

-Looks like Moss will still be a Patriot. Jeeeez, didn't see that coming.

-Minnesota must be serious about things. Apparently Ziggies Jet is picking up Justin Smith too. Fine with me. Nobody wants to sign with the 9ers. Ha ha (in a nelson from the simpsons tone).

-Cleo Lemon is taking is lemonade up to Jacksonville for a visit tomorrow

-Det DE Corey Willams is headed to GB for visit. I wish I knew who that was.

-Tampa Bay has started their spending spree with C, Jeff Faine. Oh the Golden Domers. Expect them to now start looking a WR. There is only one top guy who doesn't have a visit planned for tomorrow.

-Gabril Wilson has supposedly agreed to a deal with the Raiders... They better be backing up a truck to dump of his signing bonus, else why would you leave the Champs for the biggest Chumps