Friday, February 29, 2008

Niko a Priority

This is the first place i have seen this stated, but after regurgitating the Marcus Trufant "big footprint in the salary cap" issue, suggests that the Hawks are focused most on keeping Brown and Niko.

Brown, right now, is looking like he is all about the money. He has that right. Not a great way to win over Hawk fans, but hey if he signs with St Louis, you can imagine how loud it will be when he kicks at Qwest. That would be fun.

Niko on the other hand is one of those guys who has endeared himself to Hawk fans by showing a reckless abandon, help the team at all costs, mentality on special teams. Obviously, other teams have taken notice. I am sure he was all smiles when he got a call at midnight last night from the Bucs. However, it is still a back up job, and I have to believe that the Hawks get a chance to match anything that doesn't include a starting role. Hopefully, the Hawks can make this one work, because, while Laury and Herring are young guys capable of being backup linebackers, Niko does so much more. END OF POST