Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Bobby Engram.... Underrated??

According to KC Joyner, whose top 10 overrated list was referenced here at Seahawkaddicts, has placed Bobby Engram at the top of his underrated list. Here is what he has to say....

Bobby Engram, WR, Seattle: After I listed Donald Driver as one of the most overrated players last week, I received a number of e-mails from Packers fans demanding to know who deserved the Pro Bowl spot over Driver. Engram certainly would have been an excellent choice. His 94 receptions, 1,147 yards and six receiving touchdowns were all better than Driver's totals, as was his 9.3 yards per attempt. He isn't thought of as a top 10-15 wide receiver, but his numbers say he was one in 2007.

No doubt Diver doesn't deserve the Pro Bowl nod, there were a lot of receivers not in Hawaii better than him. Bobby had a great year. He has been overlooked for a clean half decade. With the exception of the 2004' Rams playoff game when was he not ultra clutch. However, think about this, when you walk around Qwest on Sundays, how many 84 jerseys do you see? He may be underrated even in Seattle. The case could be made that if Branch is hurt and Hackett walks, Seattle still has its best receiver. END