Thursday, February 21, 2008

Josh Brown Situation

Frank Hughes has checked in with the Josh Brown situation over at Seahawks Insider. It doesn't sound particularly good if you are a Josh Brown fan. It may be time to start looking at kickers available in the draft. It is hard for a team with so many quality players on both sides of the ball to pay a player who is on the field for about 8 plays a game top dollar. That said, a lot of teams who need kickers may have the same opinion and therefore Brown could come back after finding out there is no pot of gold for him. I know Holmgren will not be terribly pleased if Brown leaves, although he was the one who let Lindell go and drafted Brown.

If I had to guess, I say he ends up in New Orleans. They had a lot of problems with Mare, and Sean Payton was the OC on those recent Cowboy's teams that literally lost games because of awful kicking. (including the 05' game at Qwest!)

UPDATE (10:42am)- NFL Draft Scout's #2 Kicker is a guy out of St. Xavier named Shane Longest. How can you not love a kicker with the last name Longest. The puns would be never ending. Siragusa would have field day!