Thursday, February 21, 2008

Answers to Your Questions Vol. Prologue

Ok. So it would seem that in the new poll asking what features people miss from a previous die hard Hawks blogger and may want to see here, answers to your questoins(or you questions for idiot who made the poll) has jumped out to a good league. Well, a lot of the other features, by nature, won't be able to be instituted until the season rolls around, but I can certainly start answering questions. So here are the ground rules....

1) Please except that i am not an "insider". I have never been in a pro football lockeroom. I am just obsessed to the point that I have a highly developed grasp on the inner workings of professional football. My strengths are finance and statistics, but I have followed the game enough that I have seen what has happened in situations before.

2) If you want your question answered you must do two things. Sign in with some kind of handle. If you want you can use a nickname or sign your name at the bottom of the comment. Second, try and say "Mike, can you attempt to answer this question" That way I know you weren't just posing a question in the context of a discussion going on in the thread.

All else we can figure out later. I will do my best. I feel honored Seahawk fans want to hear my knowledge. Look for the first installment soon...END.