Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Corners Going Fast

Literally, today as they run and test at the Combine in Indy. They may also be going fast come April in New York City. Some of the top corners have run very well today, with the exception being Brandon Flowers. Here are some times:

Leodis McKelvin ran 4.40 & 4.35

Aquib Talib ran 4.48

Antoine Cason ran 4.49

UPDATE--Mike Jenkins ran a 4.4

and if you want to see how fast fan favorite Dominique Rogers Cromartie ran....

D.R.C. put up a tasty 4.28 & 4.34! Wow!

Anyway, these times probably cement these five as likely first round pick material. The mid tier guys such as Dajuan Tribble and Brandon Flowers are struggling. This is good for the Hawks, especially since many of the teams looking for running backs also need corners (AZ, Hou). If they feel that they will not be able to get a good corner in the middle of the second they are far more inclined to take one in the first. Running backs will defintely be available at that time.

UPDATE-- A couple of second tier guys did put in some good times at the end.

Penn States Justin King ran 4.31, Terrance Wheatley of CO ran a 4.41, Tyrell Branch of UCON ran a 4.32 and Tracy Porter of IND ran a 4.45, the Hawks interviewed Porter at the Senior Bowl. (he is short!)