Sunday, February 24, 2008

Answers to Your Questions Vol. 2

Sunday nights are usually pretty slow for NFL info, so I thought I would try and continue to answer some questions that have come up in threads. Remember, leave a name, and try and make it clear you want me to answer the question and not your peers. So here we go....

Idahoseahawksfan-- What is up with Leonard Weaver?

Weaver is a restricted free agent. The Hawks have until Feb 28th to tender him a contract. The minimum tender is 927K. However, this brings back a pick in the round the player was drafted if somebody else signs him. Weaver was undrafted which complicates things. I expect the Hawks to put the next lowest tender, a 2nd round tender @ 1.47mil, on him. This way he will almost certainly be back. Plus, he has earned it with the way he played last year.

seatowntp-- What am I studying and when will I interview Seahawk brass about the draft?

First, I am studying for a Masters in Organizational Management. I study at Antioch University. It is best know for its Masters in Psychology. My program is a mix of an MBA with leadership and organizational development skills. Also, I will not be interviewing anybody on any importance in the Hawks FO. I leave this to those who get paid. But your not missing much, Holmgren and Ruskell probably don't even tell their wives who they are planning to draft, much less some internet hack.

Vashonpriate-- Asked if i was at the combine or watching on TV?

I was watching on TV. Unfortunately, they don't allow fans at the combine yet. I expect this is something they will consider soon though. There seems to be a lot of interest. In fact, they don't even let reporters in to watch the players, only NFLN. If you follow the coverage, you see that all the reporters are covering are press conferences at the hotel across the street from the RCA dome. Last year they allowed a small number of specific reporters into to watch workouts, and I think they did that again this year.

Jcoleman-- Asked how it could be that Trufant could be had for less than 2 1st rounders?

The two first round picks are only if someone signs Marcus and the Hawks decline to match the offer. A lot of times teams tag players just to make sure they get something in return. If there is no hope of a long term deal, sometimes they trade the player to avoid the distraction of the holdout. In Trufants case, the only reason someone would be interested is because only one top notch corner made it to free agency. Usually first round picks still take a year or two to develop. A team like the Giants is willing to give up picks because they feel they are a top tier team. They want to address a weakness with a good player rather than a rookie. At least with Trufant they wouldn't have to bid against anyone.

BobbyK03-- Very interesting thoughts on how trading picks would allow the Hawks to avoid having rookies play only one year under Holmgren. It seems like it would work, however, the rookies would still meet next years coach on day one. I think the team is trying to move away from where players are classified as this coaches guy, that gm's guy. I think that after Holmgren leaves, almost everyone will have been taken by or signed to a contract at some point by Ruskell, hence they will all be Ruskell guys. As is should be, he is the architect. Let the coaches coach. Especially a guy like Mora who probably has trouble with the releasing of players because he is known to get close to them. I think if anything, the Hawks should try and get more picks this year. Trading out of the first would lower the cap hit by rookies and infuse youth with more young players.

Thats all for now..... Remember, this will be a regular piece... the poll leads me to think it is wanted, so i am happy to answer whatever type questions you have for me. So shoot away...