Friday, February 29, 2008

Josh Brown is a Ram--Official... Again

UPDATED (6:00PM) FSN is now reporting it is a 5 yr deal. Of course it is. Knew he signed there all along! Danny ONeil is using this report as proof over at his blog, right here.

Ok 12th Men, get them vocal chords ready. In an uninspiring move, Josh Brown has decided the best landing spot is the St. Louis Rams. Good Catch Loyal Readers!

Can't wait to see what the #'s are. The Hawks final offer was 5yrs and 14 million.

Also, if you haven't seen the new page dedicated to situations like this, it is on the left, check it out. This move, and a favorite blog of mine have inspired it. It will update as sports figures earn their place there. To start, Josh Brown is the big winner.

UPDATE-- THE LINK IS NO LONGER VALID, and no one else is reporting this???? Could it be some chicanery. Josh is gonna have a hard time if he tries to come back now.

UPDATE-II is now running with the story, but they appear to have seen the same thing as we have, from the Rams official website. Which no longer exists. Here is the link on