Thursday, February 21, 2008

Sean Locklear Signs 5 year deal with Hawks

Thanks to the reader who pointed this out. Glad I didn't go to far from the computer. The ESPN article is right here. The deal appears to be 5 yrs and around 32 million. This is quite a hometown discount if you ask me. I will provide cap implications when the NFLPA posts the actual yearly figures.

UPDATE-- The contract is said to guarantee Lock only 12 million. Have to think he could have had more on the open market. Top linemen usually get between 15-20 guaranteed.

This is awesome news. The O line will clearly be improved from last year. Looks like Mr. Ruskell knew he was close with Lock when he used the tag on Trufant. Smart business if you ask me.

UPDATE-- Tom Ashworth now becomes a likely cut as he seems to be dead weight with a salary of 2 million for this season. Willis is clearly capable of being the backup. It also puts the O tackle in the first round idea to bed. Nobody takes a 1st rounder who won't see the field for 3-5 years.