Friday, February 29, 2008

Nobody Showing DJ The Love

In a day when huge dollars where thrown around and many people changed teams, surprisingly there just wasn't much DJ Hackett news. Lots of places claim to have Hackett on the radar, but I have found no confirmed visits. While teams entertained and signed second rate players like Kwamme Harris and Josh McCown, nobody rushed to make DJ their #1 target. Ernst Wilford and Jerry Porter both inked fairly large deals, considering their recent production. Devery Henderson was on his way to Tampa. Berrian went to Minnesota, and then supposedly back to Oaktown. But really Hackett stayed in the shadows.

What does this mean? Well, as every hour passes, and more dollars are spent, it becomes increasingly probable that the Hawks might be able to keep him. We reported, via an Adam Kaplan interview that all things equal, he wanted to stay in Seattle. Well, now that nobody has blown him away and made him feel like "the answer to all their problems", Hack might take a short incentive laden deal to stay. Heck, he might even just take a one year deal and try this again next year. For all those who had the Hawks signing him in March, I hope your optimism is rewarded. I am feeling better about it every minute.