Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Congratulations Tim Ruskell, We Approve

Well I thought, as I close the Seahawkaddcits.com Tim Ruskell approval rating poll, I would document the results in the archives. With approximately 440 votes counted, Tim Ruskell has an approval rating of 97%.

-77% of people are completely satisfied with the work of Mr. Ruskell

-another 22% are at least partially satisfied with the job he has done

- and only as mere 5 votes, or 1%, feel he needs to be canned.

Despite the fact that those who don't like him seem to be the ones shouting, overall Tim Ruskell is well liked by Seahawk fans. As he should be. He makes tough decisions. Some work, some don't, but either way, he keeps a winner on the field and everybody but Warren Moon out of the tabloids. Well done Timmy, Seahawk fans are behind you!

Of course if I put this up in a week and Hackett and Brown are gone, who knows, it could be flipped!