Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Great Take on the NFC West

If you have hung around this site long enough, you have heard me mention the website Football Outsiders. You may have even checked it out through the links on the right. If you understand what DVOA is, then you are a step ahead. Anyway, you will hear me talk about FO's and DVOA a lot during the season. These are hard core stats guys of professional football (also some of them are Hawk fans). Any way, here is a link to their segment FOUR DOWNS: NFC WEST.

This includes such brilliant analysis as:....

it is one thing for your skills to decline with age (understandable and inevitable) and quite another to become the laughingstock of the NFL because of your all-too-apparent fear of taking a hit (unacceptable and embarrassing).


The Seahawks are definitely interested in Alge Crumpler, who would give Holmgren something that he’s always wanted: a big tight end with good hands who isn’t an alleged rapist


Football Outsiders have been vocal supporters of Hackett throughout his career, but it’s hard to stay too excited about a receiver made out of balsa wood. Hackett’s agent stated earlier this week that he intends to “test the market,” so don’t expect him back in blue and teal.

Anyway, check out the article. It also talks about Josh Brown, Mike Wahle, and Marcus Trufant. If you like what I have to say, this site is in my opinion, one of the best!