Thursday, February 21, 2008

News and Notes.....

Well I was thoroughly enjoying the Inaugural Live Blog on, lots of news seemed to break. Anyway, nothing that shatters the foundations of what we know, well except that Ken Hamlin was franchised. Never thought i would say that! Anyway...

- Hawks have hired a new Quality Control Coach. His name is Chris Beake and he was Mora's former LB coach. Frank Hughes broke the news at Seahawk Insider, he also has link to a bio on the guy. Check it out.

-Also, Deshaun Foster has been released. Adds to the RB market, however, i would not expect the Hawks to even take a look. If there is one think Holmgren hates, it is a fumbler!

-The Hawks have already met with a bunch of players at the combine, including some TE's. As I mentioned in the LIVE BLOG, the Hawks will probably meet with 90% of the tight ends, the 10% being the ones with criminal records.

I think what i will do is recap who the Hawks have met with at the end of the day, all in one post. Unless it is something that needs immediate discussion, that is the plan. Besides, the LIVE BLOG was so much fun I think I will do it again tomorrow during the combine coverage on NFLN. Hope more of you stop by, it is pretty cool! Go into the post and check it out! I am taking the afternoon off unless something major happens. I think later I am going to answer some questions, so get em' in.