Friday, February 29, 2008

Free Agency Nightmare -- Nate Odomes

Hey all, I'm Chris and I'll be trying to fill in Michael's super-size cleats whenever he can't get to the blog or whenever it seems like a good idea for me to write something. Michael will still be doing the bulk of the writing, but I'll try to get some more charts up as requested and will do a bit of analysis on the side, etc etc.

I was reading our old friend Mike Sando's Hashmarks Blog and he mentioned a story that I'm a bit too young to remember, but I'm sure some of you still have nightmares about. The tale of Nate Odomes. He was a stud DB in Buffalo during the early '90s Superbowl years-- 26 interceptions including 1 for a TD, 3 sacks and 8 recovered fumbles including 2 TDs. Nice! We wisely put him in Seahawks Blue with a sizable $8.4m contract. The only problem?

He screwed up his knee playing basketball and played precisely zero snaps for the Hawks over the next two years. Sando considered this one of the biggest disasters in the NFL free agency history. Ouch! Also, I am sure it doen't help in the minds of todays Seahawks fan that his number was 37.

So,despite what you may think of Ruskell, at least we haven't signed any Nate Odomes during his tenure! Here's hoping the Rams just did... END OF POST