Thursday, February 28, 2008

Hackett Definitely Playing Second Fiddle

It would seem most teams in need of WR's are looking at Bernard Berrian as their top target. The Vikings and Titans are looking at a bidding war come midnight. The 49ers may get involved if they aren't tied up with Lance Briggs and Justin Smith. The two wild cards that will hang around and pick up the pieces are the Skins and the Bucs. Both who now run and offensive system Hack has proven he can in excel in.

-Other notes: Corey Williams looks headed to Cleveland for a 2nd. Very interesting considering Cleveland doesn't have a 1st. They must think Anderson will bring home an offer sheet.

-Also Vilma looks headed to the Saints. One less team who may have been looking at Bentley as a starter. The Lions were previously looking at Vilma, so maybe he goes there.