Thursday, February 28, 2008

Hawks Missing 5th Rounder

I have read Frank's latest musings out of the mouth of Tim Ruskell. I don't particullary put too much stock in it. Well except the they will look for veteran long snapper. They are just waiting for the Falcons and Bucs next round of cuts.

I could be in denial about Shaun Alexander, but I believe they are just keeping their options open in case they can't snag a back they like. Wouldn't do much good it he was pouting all year. I have a hard time believing that they are the only ones in the entire NFL community who thinks Shaun can return to his previous greatness.

Here is what i do think is important. He says the Hawks are only missing their 5th rounder this year from the trade for Alvin Pearman. I am assuming they have Tennessees (for Fisher) in place of their own (Frye). But since the two teams are picking back to back it doesn't really matter. Obviously the Josh Parry pick never vested, thank god!

Ruskell also thinks we are getting a compensation pick. I will believe it when I see it. I can't remember who we lost other than Hamlin, but I would think signing Kerney, Grant, and Russell negate it. Well See.

In the meantime, no cuts have been announced. It really isn't that big a deal because the Hawks can spend their 12 million now, then restructure and cut people before they have to sign rookies. That way they can avoid going over the cap. Just more proof that this organization strays from the pack in the way they approach things, but no complaints from me as long as we keep winning. END OF POST