Thursday, February 28, 2008

Restricted Free Agents--UPDATED!

According to Danny O'Neil, Weaver has been tendered. Apparently what level of tender has been classified as top secret info. Why? Got me.

UPDATE-- Weaver got the 2nd round tender. Now was that so hard. He will be a Hawk next year.

Also, no word on whether or not Alvin Pearman, the Hawks other RFA, has been tendered.

UPDATE-- Pearman was not offered a tender. Good luck to you Alvin, hopefully we didn't end up having to give a pick for your brief contribution.

Also, Remember....ONLY SIX HOURS LEFT TO ENTER THE SEAHAWKADDICTS.COM DRAFT GEAR CONTEST. The info can be found right here. As of now, less than 40 people have entered so your odds of getting the gear seem pretty good. Especially if you are skilled at understanding the WR free agent market. Good Luck.