Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Free Agent Rumors Starting

Unfortunately, I don't expect the Hawks to be on anything till at least the weekend, but I thought I would pass on some of the stuff leaking out early

-Asante Samuel may have an agreement with the Saints. He is using Dwight Freeny's 72 million dollar deal w/ 30 in guaranteed as a starting point. Ouch!

-Faneca might have a deal already done with the Jets, it is rumored he is getting 20 mil guaranteed

-The Dolphins are targeting G Justin Smiley

-The Niners are in on Justin Smith, Lance Briggs and Calvin Pace. Which begs the question, can any of those guys keep Alex Smith off his back or run a deep cut in? Did I miss something or did they have one of the worst offenses ever last year? Martz and Deshuan Foster can't add that much.

-Also, supposedly according to the St Pete Times, Crumpler was meeting with the Bucs yesterday. Good news we haven't heard anything yet? Probably, unless it is because his knee is a mess.