Saturday, October 18, 2008

Another One Bites the Dust

by: Mike Parker

Confirming what we heard earlier this morning: The Seahawks have waived WR Billy McMullen due to a compound fracture he suffered in his right pinkie finger. (I'm calling this injury Romoitis from here on out. Apparently it's contagious.)

So with McMullen's brief tenure as a Seahawk officially over, what now? Are we going to see more of Jordan Kent? Is Bobby Engram going to carry the bulk of the receiving game on short-yardage gains? Will John Carlson and Keary Colbert keep up their solid showing and see more endzone looks? Will the Seahawks even get near the endzone? Will we see the wildcat formation with Brian Russell at QB and Seneca lining up at split end? Is Tim Ruskell sitting by the phone staring at Steve Largent's cell number and trying to talk himself out of dialing it? -END-