Friday, October 17, 2008

Can Forsett Provide a Spark?

by: Michael Steffes

Justin Forsett is not only back with the Hawks, but he is on the active roster and expected to be heavily involved in the return game this week. So, will the return of Forsett spark the Seahawks?

It is a good question. Normally, I would be hesitant to say that any player who is likely to be on the field for only a handful of plays could have an impact on the entire team, but in this case I think it is possible.

When Nate Burleson went down in week one, it massively decimated our receiving core. However, leading up to that game I was banging the drum for him to return punts regardless of his #1 WR status. Burleson was not only a very good return man, but he seemed to have a sense for the dramatic. This is something I believe Forsett shares with Nasty Nate.

You may remember a gray and rainy day in 2006, when Seneca Wallace was trying his darnedest to keep the Seahawks collective heads above water in the NFC West. The Rams were in town, and the defense was mostly held the Rams in check. However, like any back-up QB, Wallace was having a hard time keeping the offense at levels the team had become accustomed to under Hasselbeck. After scoring early, the Hawks had amassed 10 yards in two plus quarters. All of a sudden, with a punt he probably shouldn't have returned, Nate blew up the sideline for a 90 yard punt return TD. The Hawks ended up a winning a game they needed, despite the offensive struggles.

Nate is out, but Justin is in. He has shown glimpses that he has a similar flare for making a game changing play. The Bears preseason game was a doozy, and with Indy, he set up a last second win with a clutch kick return vs Minnesota. While the offense struggles, and it most certainly will this week against a tough Tampa D, a game changing play from the Young Nastyman could lift the Hawks tremendously. They need a spark. They need a spark bad. Putting Forsett back to return punts and kicks might be just what they are looking for. ~END~